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Houston Alternator - New, Repaired and Refurbished Alternators and Starters

Fast service for busy people. At Houston Alternator, we have the parts and services you need!

Since 1972, Houston Alternator has been doing business in the Greater Houston Area. Houston Alternator has what you need. Whether you are looking for alternators, starters, radiators or battery chargers, look no further. We have established a strong reputation in the Houston area, mainly because of our expertise in repairing, rebuilding and refurbishing alternators and starters. Our product inventory consists of thousands of hard-to-find parts for vehicles used in the construction, farming & agricultural, trucking, automotive and commercial industries. If it's out there, we can repair it!

Our services, which includes professional repair, testing and custom work, are done on-site by a team of expert mechanics who are specialists in their area. Trust is a big factor for our clients, which is why we focus on having the best staff, procedures and results in our industry. Quality of services are just as important to our clients as it is to us, which is why we have an on-site quality control supervisor whose job is solely to ensure that the products and services at Houston Alternator are top-notch and fault-free. Our customers rely on us because they have identified that we at Houston Alternator have the commercial vehicle parts they need and the expert hands to install them!

Whether or not you are looking for new or remanufactured commercial grade alternators and starters , parts repair or custom services, there is no need to worry. At Houston Alternator, we’ve got what you need.

Houston Alternator has alternators and starters for all kinds of equipment, including:

  • Automobiles
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats
  • Construction Equipment
  • Trucking Vehicles
  • Busses and Motor Coach Vehicles
  • Farming Vehicles
  • Off Road Equipment
  • And More!

We do the custom work others can’t or won't!

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